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"Dr. Han is the Funniest and most Caring Doctor/Acupuncturist I know. He's very Passionate about his work. You can tell in his eyes when he comes in to check on you. 

He's offered so many alternative healing methods such as cupping, electro magnetic detox (I'm not quite sure if that's what you call it... But it's a pair of silver sticks hook up to a machine... It expels toxins from your body/organs while pulsating your palms with electricity.) and many more gadgets which I would love to test out  so Rad. 

If you're desperate to heal quickly and looking for a Kind doctor that Cares for your Well Being than go to him. He's an Angel.

  • One of many visits !"-Q T.Los Angeles, CA-

"This review is long overdue and after I went back to them today for issues (it's been more than a year) I had another great experience.  I took a chance on the services offered by Wellbeing Q, two years ago, when my child was experiencing severe clinical depression and was taking a break from school.  My mom-in-law heard about biofeedback therapy on the radio and suggested I try.  I was very skeptical but I had no where else to go.  They hook you up to the computer that reads your body in details and diagnoses your symptoms in order of highest importance.  Since I was doing really bad and didn't have anywhere else to turn to, I thought I'd try it, too, along with my daughter. Long story short, the machine read things only we could've known about and slowly started treating us.  You can't expect a miracle overnight but some symptoms were treated instantly, to a degree, like you would notice at an acupuncturist's or chiropractor's office.  And, I can't stress how sweet the husband and wife doctors.  They truly care and want to help.  They would perform acupuncture treatments, customize herbal medicine and helped us out with costs.  They just got a new 'hyperthermia' machine in there that treated the blockage from chest my down when I complained of acid issues.  BTW, I bought the home-use 2k biofeedback machine (with help of family) that I use at home for all my familiy members.  Like I said, don't expect a miracle, but I believe you can actually save more time and money and stress of being ill, without being sent to different specialists over a long period of time, with loads of meds. (My first, and long, post on Yelp.)  :D" -Christian K. Redondo Beach, CA

"The last time I visited them was about a year and I recently went back. It was just as shocking as ever. The diagnosis that you receive is scary accurate and the problems listed are things only you would know. The first thing they did for me was put a pair of light headphones on my head and begin a scan of my body with the software they work with. It runs detailed scans of your organs, bones, and more. Then it shows what condition they're in. For example, for the past couple of months my toes had been feeling very weird and sometimes numb. The results showed that my toes weren't in the best state. It's something no one could have known unless I told them since it is a feeling inside of my toes and not able to be seen on the outside.
The scan is not the only function the software/machine has. Another is that it can treat you afterwards. Besides my toes, a different result showed that I had a bit of trouble with my heart. So they asked me if I had trouble breathing and it was like they read my mind (or body, in this case). Sometimes, it's hard for me to breathe and it feels like I'm not taking in enough air. I told him I did struggle breathing and told me we can fix that. The began the treatment through the machine. I didn't think it would do anything but after about 5-10 minutes I found breathing easier. Once again, this proved to me that these treatments do work. My first time coming here, even after feeling changes in my body and seeing results of both my physical and mental state which were accurately represented, I was skeptical. But each visit shows me recent issues I had been having a hard time with and each time I walk out feeling better, even if it's just a little bit. I can't not believe it anymore. Nothing is instantaneous and this isn't magic. Some treatments seem to heal you almost right then and there. Some take time. And they really wish to help you and even offer other types of treatments.
This was my experience and to summarize everything, I feel a lot better after receiving their treatments and although it's hard to believe at first, it does help. I would definitely recommend checking out Well Being Q if you are willing to try something different." Tiffany K. Redondo Beach, CA

"If you're looking for a caring doctor who is trying to heal your body from within then Dr. Han is your guy. He really listens and gets to the root cause of your ailments. I've been to see Dr. Han several times now  regarding my lack of energy and I always leave feeling better than when I walked in.  He's generous with his time and you never feel rushed. 

His son also creates several herbal lip balms that Dr. Han has given me to sample and they're amazing! Definitely recommend seeing him if you're thinking of trying acupuncture!" Anh T.

  • Inglewood, CA



























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